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How is coaching different from therapy or counseling?

Although the work career coaches and counselors / therapists do occasionally help clients with similar problems, the approach is distinctly different. As a coach I will help you clarify and achieve personal and professional goals - improve your leadership and communication skills, help you achieve greater work / life balance - whatever they may be.

On the other hand, a counselor / therapist will help you recover from past traumas, explore why past relationships (personal or professional) have been destructive, and/or work through the depression or anxiety that affects your ability to function at home or at work.

Simply put, a coach helps you achieve future-focused goals and a counselor / therapist helps you diagnose challenges in your past.


What are your qualifications to be a career coach?

Coaching is in my DNA. Whether or not I had the “official title”, I’ve always been a coach. I got my first taste of coaching running track and field at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. No, I wasn’t the coach in terms of coming up with and managing workouts, but as both Team Captain and Academic Team Captain. This experience helped me build my foundation for coaching...getting through those tough workouts with my teammates, pushing them to hit their PRs (personal record) and also encouraging them to also challenge themselves in the classroom.

More recently I’ve managed leadership development programs where I helped people grow in their career and take on more responsibility (and get paid for it!). I’ve mentored young women, helping them navigate the challenges of being the first in their family to attend college. From selecting a major, to interviewing for internships to landing their first “professional” job. 

But again, it’s not what I say about myself, it’s what those who I’ve coached say about me. (Read here). The transformation I’ve helped them achieve is what matters.


Who are your typical clients?

I typically work with people who need help looking for a new job, want to grow in their career or want a new career altogether. In terms of experience, they range from entry-level to middle management working across a variety of industries such as marketing/advertising, media & entertainment, tech, consulting sales, law, healthcare and higher education.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see your industry listed here. Many career challenges are universal. Set up a consultation and let’s talk about it, then make your decision.


How would you describe your coaching philosophy and style?

My coaching philosophy is based on the belief that each person deserves to have their career dream become a reality. I know how great the feeling is to actually be excited to go into the office or hop on that next conference call, and I want you to feel the same. I believe each person knows what their dream career is - deep down inside - and they just need help making it happen. My job is to listen and help my clients discover, clarify, and go after what they know will give them meaning.

As for my style, this feedback pretty much sums it up. “Tiffany was amazing. She was warm, approachable, thoughtful and extremely helpful in guiding me through the process. She challenged me, called me out when I wasn’t giving it my all and gave me the little push that I needed to break out of my shell.  You could tell she genuinely cared about my successes and I absolutely loved working with her.”  

I view my client-coach relationship as a partnership. When you work with me, we both do the work and we have fun while doing it. I’m preternaturally optimistic and always bring positive energy to every conversation. I let my clients drive the conversation, helping them gain clarity on what it is they want to achieve and put a plan together to make it happen.


Do you provide a free consultation?

Yes. Consultations typically last 30 minutes to an hour. 


Do I need to be in NYC to work with you?

Nope. Why have all this technology and not use it!? For those clients outside of NYC, we can connect via Skype, Google Hangout or go old-school with the phone.

For those in NYC, the choice is yours - meeting in person or via video/phone call.


Why should I work with with a career coach when I have a mentor at work?

It’s great that you have a mentor. I think it’s important for everyone to have a mentor and an advocate at work. Coaches and mentors are similar in that they both provide advice and root for your success. Where a career coach can add value is by giving you an unbiased perspective. Coaches are neutral. Because we’re separated from office politics and personalities,people tend to be more transparent with us about their challenges and don’t downplay their issues.

For me personally, when I was making the transition from sales to learning and development, I couldn’t have done it without my coach. There are so many obstacles I faced along the way and fear about starting something new, and my coach was there to help me put a plan in place to overcome those obstacles.  He helped me address my fears instead of being held back by them.

Coaches also provide perspective on opportunities outside of the company and industry you and your mentor work in. They can provide insight into new opportunities that you weren’t previously aware.


My company provides a lot of leadership training and workshops. Why should I get a coach when that is free?

You should definitely take advantage of all the training opportunities you can. I’ve certainly benefited from them in my career.

When it comes to leadership training and workshops, they’re typically sessions with multiple people and have very specific, predetermined goals that may not align with the challenges you’re facing. The benefit of working with a career coach is that the development plan is tailored specifically for you. You’ll have one-on-one sessions driven by you and your challenges. These sessions will include goal setting, guidance, feedback, self-awareness and accountability, which results in sustainable change.


I’ve read through your services, but still not sure which package is right for me?

Absolutely! During your consultation we can talk through your challenges and decide together which package will be right for you.


Before I commit to working with you, do you have references with whom I can speak?

Of course! I would be happy to connect you with one of my references.

Have a few more questions not covered here? No worries. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about how you can FloForward into your dream career.