Client Testimonials

Achieving Growth

“Tiffany is incredible. She is smart, encouraging and supportive. Her past experience within the {advertising & marketing} field has such strong value as I look to increase my personal and professional development. It was hugely appreciated and beneficial to work with someone who understands where I’m coming from and what I want to achieve.”

- Lisa C., Advertising Account Director

A Guiding Light

“Tiffany provided the perfect level of knowledge, support, and challenge for me. She pushed me to think differently and asked the difficult questions to challenge me to be better. I don't think I would have grown as much throughout the process without Tiffany there as a guiding light.”

- Emily K., Strategy Planning Director

Enlightening & Invaluable

“My time with Tiffany was invaluable. Even though she didn’t work in my industry (insurance), she still provided really great feedback that helped strengthen my resume. She took the time to review my resume in advance of our call and provided clear and detailed feedback. When we met, she did a great job of explaining why she gave the feedback she did, giving me a completely different way to view my resume. The great thing about working with Tiffany isn’t just someone writing my resume, but really helping me frame the work I do and the achievements I’ve made. Not only did I get a significantly better resume, but also learned a lot through the process. It was such an enlightening experience. I would certainly recommend Tiffany to anyone looking for coaching."

- Chris B., Senior Account Executive

Gave me the spark

“I decided to work with Tiffany because I’d gone on so many interviews but never got an offer. I met with Tiffany for just an hour, but that one hour turned everything around. She was great! She gave me real, concrete, insightful advice on how to best interview. We talked about both verbal and nonverbal cues and ways to connect in an interview. I had an interview the very next day and the hiring manager said of all the people she met with in the past week, I was the only one who "sparkled." A week later, my seemingly  never-ending job search had finally come to an end and I received an offer. I can’t thank Tiffany enough for her help.”  

- Ryan E., Operations Coordinator 

Miracle Worker

“Tiffany was able to do something I couldn’t. Help my partner get a new job. For months I’d been helping him with his job search and interview prep and nothing seemed to be working. It was at that point that I recommended he work with Tiffany. Even though they only met for an hour, I could see a difference in his confidence immediately. Tiffany wrote a really detailed recap of their session with specific action items that helped him prepare for interviews. And thankfully, after his session with Tiffany, he finally landed a new job. At first, my partner and I didn’t see the value of a career coach but after his session with Tiffany our opinions have changed. Even though I didn’t work with her directly, I can’t recommend her enough. Based on the help she provided my partner, if I ever have career challenges, I’ll definitely give her a call first!”  

- Kate S., Assistant Director

Made a Career Transition Possible

“Thought-provoking. Insightful. Caring. From our first session together, Tiffany helped me believe that changing careers was possible. I was at a crossroad in my career as I had been working as an attorney and becoming increasingly unhappy in my work. I knew I wanted to do something different, but didn’t know how to change my situation. After working with Tiffany for a couple of months, I was able to make the career change I had been hoping for.

Tiffany is a natural coach. She was a great listener and provided detailed notes and homework after each session. The best part of working with Tiffany were the detailed notes and homework because it helped me address some of my biggest fears by breaking them down into bite-sized actions. I highly recommend Tiffany as a career coach. I would definitely work with her again. ”  

- Tracey E., Employee Relations/EEO Specialist

Mentored & Motivated

“Tiffany was simply amazing. She provided advice, motivation and guidance throughout my job search post college. She helped me identify my strengths and passions and helped me think through both short term and long term goals and put together a plan of action that was uniquely tailored to my experience and interest. Tiffany went above and beyond, acting as a mentor, advisor and friend. She’s always so positive and supporting. She is truly a great coach and can’t recommend her more.”  

- Brandy W., Teacher

Broadened My Perspective

"Tiffany is excellent. During our talk she took notes, asked me questions, challenged me to broaden my scope and look into opportunities I hadn't even thought of. She took her time with me which relaxed me and caused me to really open up to her, she also encouraged me. I am so happy that she is my coach and I feel more confident now. I now see my dream job and I will finally meet. "

- Kerry F., Graphic Designer

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